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Manage from Afar

A world markets program to increase control and integrity.

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A roadmap to winning clients.


The Honorable Relationship


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What is LeeCore?

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What is LeeCore? We are a management consultancy that not only counsels/guides our clients but rolls up its sleeves to help plan/design/implement the ideas that it promotes. LeeCore exists to help people and companies to create a more ethical and effective work environment by giving them business process tools to solve their most difficult problems.

LeeCore offers two disciplines:

Manage From Afar is a discipline that helps companies with their existing world market locations (especially in China/Asia) by solving problems in their business units or to assist companies with new locations in the world markets by avoiding problems.

The Honorable Relationship Revenue Training is a discipline that helps companies re-energize and re-focus their sales efforts to be more effective in increasing: profitability, customer acquisition and revenue growth.

LeeCore’s approach for both disciplines is to view problems on a holistic and long-term correction mode and to implement self-administered and self-correcting solutions for our clients!